Ani Gaj


Lotus Lounge Chair is set to encourage everlasting Youth, Dreamers, Adventurers and Children, not to stop playing, but to dream, to remain pampered and always curious, and to fulfill their surroundings with joy, ideas and love.

Our products are not only beautiful, they are also functional, varied and offer different possibilities in their use and interpretation. Through our designs, we create a cozy and inspiring environment for the growth of children, as well as a safe home. Let’s not overlook the fact that children are the future creators of our joint tomorrow and we are obliged to create an environment that develops, with attractive design, good quality and fair product. 

Lotus Lounge Chair supports creativity, the dream, and play, and we believe that it can motivate something more in life through the balance of lively colors, simple geometry and the magical possibilities. 


Anita Gај is the founder and designer of Lotus Lounge Chair, as well as one of the pioneers in graphic and industrial design in Macedonia. At the same time, Lounge Chair is one of the first in our country to independently build its own brand with the help of its family. Anita, realizing a childhood dream and inspired by Scandinavian design, conceived Lotus in 2008, creating purified products where the form itself is functional, playful and sustainable. 

“As a designer I usually draw inspiration from Kids, I develop products that bring Magic, Joy and Love with more features and flexibility, products for hugging and playing that will soften the heart of every adult, and above all, products for everyday use.

I am a firm believer in eternal childhood, the game and the dream, and I will continue to create products that inspire children and adults to be creative and playful, to broaden the horizons and foster understanding and empathy. ” Anita G.